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     In our society today, our poverty stricken and homeless families with children do not portray the stereotypical image of being dirty, grungy and illiterate begging with a cardboard sign. Our homeless and impoverished consist of citizens who are well educated; former top executives, and the working poor. Many of these families are considered ‘the invisible homeless’ to some because they are fighting to survive quietly behind the scenes, while struggling with what appears to be a never ending battle to get their lives on solid footing.  

    Despite the wavering status our economy, communities are still faced with low wage paying jobs; extended unemployment and evictions from having to make difficult decision such as whether to pay their electric bill or buy food…or skip the food and get my medicine or gas to keep my car running so we can sleep with heat tonight.  Every day in someone’s life, in some part of the country, (possibly right next door to you), someone has to make these difficult life choices.   

       The mission of A Grateful Mind International is to provide immediate humanitarian relief to individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis; while providing them access to educational resources that will empower them to move beyond their crisis.

      A Grateful Mind operates as a ‘Community Outreach Services’ agency to provide Emergency Crisis Assistance and Educational Resources to homeless and impoverished men, women and children.  We strive to empower families to move beyond their crisis and get on to a path to self-sufficiency, free of homelessness and extreme poverty.        

   Though formally educated, our Founder had experienced the hurt, shame, despair and the need to not be demeaned when asking for help when she encountered very hard times. She wanted us to be unique in providing our assistance to those who seek help from us. We are trained to treat each individual as a human being deserving respect despite their current crisis or where they lay their heads at night.  This desire became the fiber of our organization’s foundation back in 2000.

Then after years of serving others through her own painful journey, she created  A Grateful Mind as a gift of service & resources to an existing organization. However, after yielding many failed attempts to pass along the vision to other ministries, A Grateful Mind International was officially incorporated & founded in 2011 to answer a divine mandate that she finally realized was for her to help struggling families with children by building their faith, and offering hope and resources to create positive change in their lives to thrive not just survive…




We were created to serve! #BeTheFaceOfChange





































































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"...whoever is kind to the needy honors God" {Proverbs 14:31}