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“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.” ~ C.G. Jung


Are you interested in helping people less fortunate than you? We all have our struggles and sometimes we may feel less fortunate when adversity hits home. Nonethess, there is a special kind of fulfillment that can not be confined to words that you get once you take the initiative to help someone else.

There are several ways to you can get involved & start to make a difference in the communities we all live in. Take a look all the many ways you help is needed in volunteering below. We look forward to hearing from you because we value every talent & skill; large or small...


I. Volunteer - Volunteering allows diverse members of the community to come   together and work on a long or short term project that will benefit those needing our services the most. Not to mention, meeting new people, changing the lives of others and last but not least experiencing the really great feeling within yourself that YOU made a difference someone's life:) We thank you for your interest and encourage you to connect with us!


To Volunteer you may call: 407- 900-5558 or send us an email of interest. We'll get back to you with the details of the project you reference as quickly as possible.


  1. Please complete Volunteer Application (Word or PDF Version) and attach completed file to an e-mail  addressed to
  2. View our Volunteer Opportunites
  3. Always where some type of RED Shirt if you can - this is how we keep up with each other:)

II.    Donate Monetary Gifts (with Cash, E-Checks & Charge Cards) or Send by mail to:

        P.O.Box 721915  Orlando, FL 32872-1915.

III.   Donate non-cash items we need to continue helping the community: Current Charity Needs>>  or  Current Pantry Needs>>. 

IV.    Host A Fundraising Event for us (click for more information)


V. Shop  (We can earn donations from your Online or Off Line Shopping)


For additional information on any upcoming project/event always feel free to call A Grateful Mind at (407) 900-5558 or send us an Email at:

Thank you for your partnership...

your support & willingness to serve with us...

We were created to serve! #BeTheFaceOfChange





































































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