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...There's no greater joy, beyond seeing dreams fulfilled!

It is our belief is that an individual can begin to prompt positive change in their lives by conditioning the way that they think. Taking the needed time to be formally educated is an important factor in conditioning one’s mind to expect great things out of their life.


A Grateful Mind International will award two scholarships to two Adult Students each year in the amount of $2000 total for per academic year; and one to a High School Senior participating in 'The B.R.A.G.S. Project. 


The financial award is meant to supplement the student's current financial need and can be used towards their tuition or books and supplies. The student must be enrolled for at least ¾ to full time; and must have a declared major in the Social Sciences. This award will be renewable for the student awarded students for 2 years (Associate Degree Candidates) and for 4-years (Bachelor Degree Candidates) as long as the criteria is being met. Our goal is to see the student through to the completion their college degree. Then assist them in securing a career in their field of Social Science.


**Please Note: It is advisable that the student be attending a college in the Central Florida area so that the required criteria for service hours can be achieved. We will however consider applicants from other areas on a per case basis.


 Our scholarships will be awarded in two key categories for Adult Students:
  1.   A Single Parent deemed ‘Head of Household’ for Income Tax purposes; that has a significant financial aid need. (Get application & requirement details>>)


2.   Individuals affected by the Higher Education Act’s Aid Elimination Provision or that are Ex-Offenders that have a financial aid need to continue their studies or to complete their degree. (Get application & requirement details)

As funding permits we reserve the right to award more than two Educational Scholarships in an academic year. Donors may offer support of this program by submitting donations of any size to help bridge a gap in a student's financial aid packet by clicking on the button below.


**High School Students Scholarship Information is through our B.R.A.G.S. Project (Click Here)


Sponsor a Single Parent Scholarship!
Your tax deductible gift of $85 a month will provide a single parent with a $1,000 scholarship for one semester. Donate today to be that gateway for a single mom or dad to gain the education he or she needs to become self-sufficient.

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