College Bound? Be Prepared: Connect,Grow, Learn, Serve - Join "The B.R.A.G.S. Project"

        Everyone is a part of a community, and ultimately adds or detracts from its true value by the choices they make. Whether it be a large or small contribution of time, talents or treasures YOU make the difference by what you choose to do within the communities that you are a part of. One of the ways to experience the true value of
yourself is by committing to embrace each of life’s challenges and learning from them. Then as you learn and grow from your challenges, you take the time to invest back into your community what you’ve experienced by helping others cross the roads you’ve already conquered.


       Be it regionally, by county or by districts, YOU make the difference by the choices you make each day. We invite you to connect with our Central
Florida efforts to ‘Empower our community' to move beyond any crisis. By doing this we will all help each other by becoming wiser individuals, creating stronger families ties and building productive communities.


       Make the choice to join “The B.R.A.G.S. Project”… for Senior High School Students. The Best Readers Achieve Great Sucess Project is for Central Florida area High School students who desire to ‘Learn & Serve’& have fun at it!



$20 Memberships include:


When you become a registered Student Member:

  • Each Student Member (grades 9-12) will receive a program T-shirt
  • The B.R.A.G.S. Project ID Card
  • Student Members (grades 9-12) will be guaranteed a space available to complete up to 10 Hours of Community Services per quarter in one academic school year (Totalling 40hrs in a year!) . These hours may be applied to the Community Service requirement that the parent/guardian of the student deems appropriate. Community Service Hours are a great way to see how fortunate you really are in many areas by helping us in the homeless and poverty stricken communities that we serve.
  • Each Student Member (grades 9-12) will be eligible for Gift Rewards & Prizes
    when they read a minimum of 3 books each 9 weeks and turn in a Brief Essay for each book read by the Friday following, the end of a 9 week school term.

Requirements & Regulations:

  1. The book will need to be age/grade appropriate (ie., a High School student could not submit an Essay on a 3rd grade level book or novel)
  2. The essay will need to a properly formatted 750 words or less; singled spaced in 12pt, Times New Roman Font.
  3. Your Essay will need a cover page that includes your name, school name, your grade, Title & Author of the book you read. This may be mailed us or emailed to
  4. You may receive feedback from your essay submission, but the feedback will only be to enhance your writing skill not to criticize or count against your 9 week's incentives.
  5. We will then tally all of the received Essays (that are turned in on time:) from each student to determine who read the most books for that 9-week term. We will then award one student from each grade level with a Gift or Prize of our choice. The Rewards maybe Shopping Gift Cards, Movie Passes, Prom or Concert Tickets, etc. If there is ever a tie, the tie will be broken by drawing names with a witness to attest to the drawing being fair to all members.
  • $500 Scholarship for College! At the end of each academic school year, the Student Member in 12th grade  who read the most books and turned the properly formatted Essays in on time will receive a $500 College Scholarship Award. Upon High School graduation and verification of College acceptance into a 2 or 4 year College with the intent of earning a college degree; the Scholarship Award will be sent to the college on behalf of the student to be used for books, supplies or tuition.

Ready to get started? Click Here to become a Student Member.


We were created to serve! #BeTheFaceOfChange





































































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